Thursday, 17 May 2012

In The Post Today! New Dorothy Perkins Jacket.

Meet my lovely new jacket from Dorothy Perkins! Isn't it beautiful? I've been looking for a light jacket for ages to wear when it is too warm for a coat but too cold for just a cardigan, and this is just perfect. It's a very silky material but sits nicely without seeming baggy or shapeless, and the colour means it will go with absolutely anything, as well as being a nice change from blacks, greys and whites.

You can buy this online and instores right now at £40, but some sizes are already sold out so buy quick if you like it!


  1. It looks really nice! I'm in the market for a jacket (I've worn my cardigans to death) and this looks perfect xxx

  2. lovely jacket!
    im still wearing my cape coat about when im cold lol

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