Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Transform Yourself Tuesday: Tracking Tools

Following my last TYT post, Ditch Those Scales!, I thought a lot about good ways to track your progress without using the scales. So here is a little list on different ways you can track the best way for you.

The String Method
All you need for this method is some string and some cellotape. This is a great way to measure you weight lose in inches but without actually using a measurement. Simply place the string around your waist/thighs/arms, like a tape measure, and place a piece of tape where the string meets. You can then track your weight lose or muscle gain by seeing how the tape moves on the string.

The Photo Method
This method is a great way to visually track your progress by taking photos of yourself. The best way to do this is to decide how often you are going to take the photos, e.g every 2 months, then take one of the front of your body and one of the side. Then store these photos in a folder on your computer and look at them when you feel ready. The further apart the photos the easier it is to see progress and you can also see what you would like to work on next.

The Diary Method
If, like me, you are trying to get fitter and track your fitness progress this is a great method for you. All you need is a little year diary, it only has to be a little handbag diary. This method is to track your fitness so all you are going to note down is what you did at the gym, e.g 15th Jan, treadmill for 25mins @ 12% (gradient) & 2.7mph. By tracking what you did at the gym you can easily replicate a work out and see how your fitness is getting better by how long you have done at the gym each time or how you are exercising at a high speed or gradient.

The Sticker Method
Now, this one is a childish method but it is brilliant if you don't have a lot of time to track your progress. All you need is a little diary or a calender and some stickers. Decide what you want to track, e.g went to the gym, ate 5 fruit or veg today, walked x amount of steps, and then every time you achieve your goal just place a sticker on that day. You can have more than one goal at a time, just use different coloured stickers! This is such an easy way to be proud of yourself and see how well you are doing.

The Money Method
This is a rewarding method and consists of paying yourself everytime you reach your goal. It works great with going to the gym by putting a pound or a penny in a money pot everytime you go to the gym. Eventually the money will build up and then you can use the money to treat yourself to something you want, like a new dress or a pair of shoes. This method makes you feel great about working out and gives you a treat every so often!

I hope one of these might help you track yourself better. Remember, you don't need the scales to feel better!

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  1. I love the pound in a jar idea i think im going to do it! Xx