Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Transform Yourself Tuesday: Ditch Those Scales!

Before I start this post I would just like to say this won't work for everyone! Everyone is different and some people find it easier to be healthy by using scales.

Every new year a lot of people decide it is time to get fit or healthy (or both!) but give it a few months and many of those have given up. Although there are many reasons why people give up trying, one reason I have seen a lot of times in friends and myself is that they struggle to stay a certain weight, freak out because they have put on 2lb, lost it, put it back on (rinse and repeate) and so give up. This is where my "Ditch Those Scales" comes in!

I am terrible at getting really into fitness and health eating, weighing myself regularly and feeling proud of my weight loss but then feeling 100% rubbish because I put on a few pounds. I didn't realise how flawed my thinking was until a few times people had asked if I had lost weight when I hadn't weighed myself in ages. I came to realise that as long as I feel good, like how I look and I am eating healthily, it shouldn't matter what the scales say, so I am on a weighing ban!

If you are eating healthily (or healthier than you were) and you are working out, you should notice your body changing. THIS IS WHAT SHOULD BE IMPORTANT TO YOU! Unless you have been told by a doctor to loose so much weight, it can sometimes really help to track your process by the way your body is changing and not the numbers going down on the scales. After all, a few pounds won't look much different on your body, so why does it matter that you suddenly put 2lbs on?

3 reasons why ditching the scales could help you:
  • You won't feel guilty for loving your body but being xst and xlbs.
  • You will be less likely to give up eating healthily because you put on a tiny pound.
  • You will be able to exercise and eat healthily because you want to, not because the scales tell you to.
REMEMBER: If you are exercising a lot you might loose inches off your figure but your weigh may stay the same. You are loosing fat but gaining muscle. THIS IS GOOD!


Will you be joining me in my no scales rule?


  1. Great post id add too to dress for ur shape and make the most of urself as u r, a happier u means natural weight loss anyway :)

  2. I find I fluctuate 2-3lb just over the course of a day anyway with water weight etc. so I don't tend to worry about what the scales say :)
    Great post!