Sunday, 1 January 2012

Beauty School Tips: What's right for your type!

Now, I know it's not Thursday but with Christmas being not that long ago I've been very busy, so here is last weeks post a few days late!

Listen up ladies! We have all walked down a skincare isle in Boots or Superdrug (or even Tesco!) and had no idea which product to choose out of the 5 bajillion that is available, right? And we've all just gone for the one that says "for sensitive skin", "for dry skin" or "for oily skin", just because it is easier!

Recently I learnt that the different types of products available are better for some skins that others and sometimes it doesn't say it on the bottle, so I thought I would do a quick guide on what type is best for what type of skin.

Normal skin - neither oily, dry, sensitive or dehydrated. Not many people have normal skin.

Eye makeup remover - Lotion
Cleanser - Light cream or lotion
Toner - 10-20% alcohol content
Moisturiser - Cream or lotion, with SPF.
Eyes - Cream or lotion

The key with normal skin is to not dry it out or over moisturise the skin. You should avoid using anything too heavy and you should protect your skin from outside pollution.

Dry skin - can be flaky or tight and tends to be dehydrated or sensitive.

Eye makeup remover - Oil or cream
Cleanser - Cream
Toner - Low alcohol content or 0% for sensitive skin
Mask - Non setting mask
Moisturiser - Cream with SPF
Eyes - Cream

Dry skin needs TLC to stop it from getting worse. You cannot change what your skin type is but you can help it along. With dry skin the key is to get your skin to drink, by using a thick moisturiser everyday and to avoid drying it out even further by using a very mild toner.

Oily skin - tends to be quite common in younger people and is very apparent around the t-zone.

Eye makeup remover - Lotion
Cleanser - Lotion or milk
Toner - 20-50% alcohol content, with astringents (cucumber, tea tree)
Mask - Setting, clay based masks.
Moisturiser - Milk, with SPF
Eyes - Gel

Oily skin can be hard to maintain but the main things to remember are to dry the skin with an astringent toner and follow up by using light products.

Combination or congested skin.

For combination or congested skin it is best to choose products based on the differences in your skin. If you have a very oily t-zone which is congested but you have very dry cheeks, it is best to use a mixture of products and compromise. Use 2 types of masks, a lotion moisturiser applied heavily to the dry areas, and a lower alochol content toner but use more on the oily areas.

I hope this helps anyone struggling to know what products to use. Using other products won't harm your skin (I have dry skin but using a cleansing milk!) but usually your skin with be better with the correct products and you may notice a change in how your skin appears.

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