Thursday, 12 January 2012

Beauty School Tips: Eyebrow Measuring

Figuring out where you should pluck your eyebrows couldn't be easier with this little tip! All you will need is a mirror, a orange stick and your face!

(The picture of the face below was taken from weheartit and then edited on paint by myself)

Step 1: The Parting
Take your orange stick (the red lines) and place one end at the corner of your lip, going up to the corner of your nose and to your eyebrows. This is where your eyebrows should come into the centre. The area in the green box is where there should be no hair.

Step 2: The Ending

Place your orange stick with one end at the corner of your lip, up to the outer corner of your eye and to your eyebrows. This is the furthest your eyebrow should go outwards. Remove any hair past this point (the green cirlces).

Step 3: The Arch

Very carefully place the orange stick over one closed eye. The stick should be placed directly over the centre of where your pupil would be if your eye was open. This is where your arch should be.

Once you have measured where these should be on your eyebrows you can remove any hairs that don't belong. The thickness or thinness of your brows is up to you but follwing these steps will mean your brows will be the right size!

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  1. My salon girl always tells everyone this for inbetween waxes :)
    Great post!