Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Be my (k)night in shining armour?

Until recently I felt like my dry skin was locked in a high tower waiting to be saved by a magical product that would never come. That was until a Night Cream in Shining Armour came along!

This lovely little 50ml pot of night cream by Soap & Glory is my saviour at the moment and will definitely stay a staple in my skin care routine. Night Cream in Shining Armour is a very rich cream that smooths over the skin with ease without feeling greasy or sticky but slowly hydrates the skin thoughout the night leaving skin supple and soft in the morning with no horrible residue left over. The pot is quite simple for Soap & Glory products but it feels sturdy, secure and keeps the cream cool. Fragrance wise it is a quite nice like most Soap & Glory products but it is a strong smell that seems to make the product seem more expensive than it is. Don't be put off by the size of the pot as although 50ml may seem small, you only need a tiny bit each time to keep your face hydrated for the entire night and your skin will still feel moisturised in the morning!

I can't praise this night cream enough! If you have dry skin this would be great for use every night because it really does get deep into your skin and makes it appear super supple and hydrated. My skin feels so much better since I started using it, including feeling less tight, feeling smoother around my pores and it has helped my fine lines look a lot finer!

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