Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 Beauty Awards!

The world of beauty is very competitive but sometimes there are some products that just shine above the rest. Here is a few of my favourite products this last year and what I would award them for.
NOTE: These photos were taken with my new camera in manual mode which I'm not used to yet so yay for newbie photos but sorry if some aren't great!

Most Reached For Lip Product - 17 Antique Lace.
This is the first everyday lipstick I bought and it is the one I always go for when I'm not sure what to put on. It has been there through rushed mornings, "I feel rubbish" days and even though the famous " everything looks horrible on me" days and I still love it!

Best Does What It Says Product - Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker XL
After trying (and loving) the original version of this but not liking how much product I had to put on to get my lips to the plumpness I liked, I decided to give this a whirl as my free item from 3 for 2 and I am oh so glad I did! This definitely extreme plumps and I does EXACTLY what it is meant to do, no more, no less. 

Most Raved About Product - Sleek Blush in Rose Gold
 This blusher is raved about all over beauty blogging land, and by myself! I'm always telling people it is the most beautiful cheap blusher around and it is a must have. I don't talk about many products to friends but this is one that I will always recommend.

Best Friend Product - MUA Heaven & Earth Palette
Everyone has a best friend product, and this is definitely mine! I use this every day and have had so many compliments from the looks I have made just from using this palette. I think this will stay a staple in my collection for a very long time.

Fail Safe Item - Collection 2000 Precision Colour Lip Liner in Pink Heaven
For ages I was searching for a lipliner that almost perfectly matched my lips and here it is! This is lipliner blends perfectly with my lips so I use it with almost all my lipsticks and on a daily basis to make my lips look a little bigger and more shapely. It hasn't failed me yet and I will definitely re-buy when this one runs out.
Best Skin Care Brand - Soap & Glory

I fell in love with Soap and Glory products the moment I tried them and now they are the first brand I go to when I need something new. I own quite a lot of their products now and every single one has not let me down and always leaves my skin feeling gorgeous.
Best Money I Ever Spent - Crown Brushes
 I have not regretted for even a second buying these brushes. I love everything about them, from the softness of the bristles to how amazing they apply any product. I've had these for nearly a year now and although I have other brushes, I will always pick my Crown ones up first and I appriciate these a lot more.

Best Of The Basics - Superdrug Vitamin E Moisturiser
I have dry to very dry skin depending the weather and most moisturisers sink into my skin way too quickly but this little baby leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day. Best of all it was really cheap, lasts forever and smells gorgeous!

 Lifesaving Product - Naked Colour Protecting Shampoo

Over the past year I have slowly developed dermatitis on my scalp due to becoming very sensitive to SLS in shampoos, which is the foaming property. This has meant any normal shampoo leaves my head severly itchy, scaby and sore so I recently I had to find a SLS-Free shampoo, which wasn't easy! Most of the SLS-Free shampoos available are hard to find, expensive and in small bottles however I found this beauty in Boots (also in Superdrugs) for just over £4 and now I my scalp is finally healing, is a lot less sore and barely itches..YAY!!

Have you ever tried any of these or do you think you will?


  1. Love Rose Gold too and other sleek blushers! Best value ever

  2. I can't get my hands on Rose Gold anywhere! :( have got the MUA palette though which I love and use everyday :) xxx

  3. Great post, can't beat the soap and glory and the MUA palette is amazing for being so cheap!