Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sanex Dermo Extra Control Deodorant review.

My name is Hayley and I used to be a sweater. That's right, as a young teen I tried loads and loads of different deodorants in the hope that one would stop the embarrassing wet marks on my school shirts or any tight top I wore. For years I wouldn't wear a tshirt without a cardigan, always wore jumpers to school and choose black over coloured clothes everytime, it was horrible..until I found this beauty that is!

Sanex say: "For even more effective protection from perspiration try Sanex Dermo Extra Control. Its special formula with Micro Talc controls wetness and gives 48 hour protection. Now you can stay fresh and dry all day. It offers 48 hours of effective protection."

I 100% agree witth what Sanex say about this deodorant, and usually I don't tend to agree with company product claims! Spraying this on in a morning can last me through a full day of college and work without leaving sweat marks on my clothes and still smelling fresh. I honestly would not be able to cope without this deodorant on my dressing table, and I won't even try another deodorant unless this one is discontinued (and even then I'll throw a tantrum first!)

The product itself is lightly fragranced but not over the top like a lot of deodorants and doesn't feel wet on the skin like some tend to. The only issue with this deodorant is that every so often it applys really powdery on the skin and you have to wipe it off and reapply, but that is only a small inconvienience for a wet-clothes free day, right?

Sanex Dermo Extra Control Deodorant is by far my holy grail deodorant. I salute you Sanex!

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