Friday, 14 October 2011

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Cleanser Review.

NOTE: The first part of this review and the photos are taken from my first impression post about S&G skin care.

Soap & Glory is a 200ml 4 in 1 wash off milk cleanser that is available from Boots for £7.00.

 On the bottle.
They say: "It purifies! Can energize! And melts away makeup!" Special clogged T-Zone formula and for all skin types.
Ingredients: Peach extract, Quillaja bark, Jojoba oil, Detoxyboost technology and Poreshrink R2.

How to use it: "Massage a splodge onto your cheeks, rubbing double on any trouble spots to maximize purifying actives, Rinse off with water."

Warning: "Contains exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids which can make your skin photosensitive"

What my Mum says:

"This product makes my skin feel really fresh and clean, smells fantastic and leaves a soft finish after."


I started using this cleanser just every so often in August but fell quickly in love with it and now use it as my main cleanser. Soap & Glory claim that Peaches and Clean can melt away makeup whilst purifying and energising your skin, and let me tell you straight away, they didn't lie! 

When I first put this cleanser on and I was massaging it in, I thought "is this supposed to be doing something?" but as soon as I wiped it off with a wet flannel and touched my skin I realised how lovely it had worked. Immediately after using this my skin feels soft and smoother, looks hydrated and most of all actually feels clean!

"What about with makeup on?" I hear you say? Peaches and Clean works exactly the same with makeup on, the only difference being that you may need to massage it in more and use a muslin cloth to remove, but it definately does melt away makeup and still leaves my skin feeling gorgeous.

My favourite thing about this cleanser is how great it is for everyday use. The bottle is 200ml and since only a 2 little squirts is need to do all of the face AND neck, it seems to be lasting ages even with me and my Mum using it daily. The product is also quick and easy to use: squirt, apply, massage, remove; so it can definately be used in a normal skin care routine quickly and easily.

The only cons I can find with this product is the smell, which really varies from person to person, because it is a strong smell but smells like natural peaches. Both me and my Mum love to smell but my boyfriend hates it, so this is only a con if you really hate the smell!


Will you be trying this cleanser any time soon? Or do you have this and love it too?


  1. Wow great review! Have to keep a eye on this then :D

  2. I've tried soap and glory skincare in the past but haven't thought much of it. I've yet to give this one a go though so I'll definitely give it a try after reading this! xo

  3. Ooo I my give my LUSH cleansers a break and try this for a change, I love soap and glory.
    Lucy x