Saturday, 29 October 2011

Perfect 10 Nail Art Sticker review

*I won this in Beauty Baby Blog's giveaway*

 I've only used these once but my god they are AMAZING!

Last weekend we went to my grandparent's 50th anniversary party so I decided I wanted to do something a little more special with my nails than just paint them, and these turned out to be perfect. I applied these on Saturday morning after painting my nails and I had to PULL them off on Thursday ready for college on Friday! I couldn't believe it when even after all my nail polish had been removed with polish remover the stickers were still stuck firmly to my nail. Not only did they last ages but they lasted through a party, 2 shifts at work where I was piddling at tape, picking up boxes and animals, and playing roughly with my dog!

)Bad photo I know, was a quick photo in a dark room, but HAD to capture it before I got ruined)

I used these with a Mavala polish and one coat of a basic top coat from Sallys so it's not like I glued them on or used 3 bajillion layers of top coat to seal them on. I'm really please with these, especially since I thought I would easily catch these with them having crystals on them, and I can't wait to try the other ones in the pack.

  • Stay on for ages, even through rough activities.
  • Easy to apply with just a pair of tweezers and a top coat.
  • Glam up even the most basic polishes.
  • Only add a few seconds to a normal polish routine.
  • Designs anyone could wear.
  • They don't appear to be sold in Boots or Superdrug but are on ebay.
What do you think?


  1. Wow they look lovely, i've seen similar types of nail art in Superdrug and i've often been tempted but haven't got around to buying any.

  2. These are pretty! Very lovely.
    Lucy xx

  3. I think that they are absolutely beautiful! Simple, but very cute!

  4. Super pretty! I have some similar and I have to soak my nails in acetone to get them off!! :) xxx