Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Transform Yourself Tuesday: Relaxation

Recently my low carb diet has died a little bit since I started college so I've decided to make my TYT about anything to help your life, including recipes, relaxation and even some beauty tips.


Today's post is just going to be a short one about how I like to relax and things I'm going to buy to help.

When I get stressed out, the best thing to relax me is to listen to classical, relaxation or Buddhist music, which really shut down my brain and I think they are great if you're feeling a bit overwhelming.

  • Classic FM - This is a great online way to listen to classical music because it plays all different types. I love to stick this on when I'm blogging or on my PC.
  •  Om Mani Padme Hum (YouTube video by madamaErinni) - I love listening to Buddhist mantras but this is my favourite by far. It's sort of hypnotising and is really really calming if you listen to it when your lying on your bed with your eyes closed.
  • Relaxing music 1(BxN4), 2(AlecsRO89) & 3(DeliciousSalsa) - This is sort of an obvious way of relaxing but they are really great to calm you down at any time of the day. You can watch them on phones/ipods/etc, or whilst trying to go to sleep, or even just to calm down after a bad day.
Another great way to relax is to soothe your body in a hot bath with aromatherapy or with a Divya Mat which by lying on helps to relax your muscles and release relaxing chemicals.

If you have a partner, massage is always a good way to chill and release stress. You can buy great books from most book shops or online, ranging from beginner back massages to how to do hot stone massages. They are great to learn as a couple and a inexpensive, enjoyable way to relax together.

I hope this post was interesting to some people, and I hope you can all relax a little easier now :)

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