Friday, 2 September 2011

September Hopefuls

Having absolutely zero money to spend on makeup/clothes/jewellery means I have nothing to put on a wishlist, so instead I raided my collection and have come across some things that I think will become September's loves. All of these are things I think I'll come to wear a lot of this month or I think go great with the start of Autumn.


1. MUA Heaven & Earth Palette - This is going to come in very very usefull when I start college on Monday. Being a beauty student we have to wear makeup when we're in the salon but it has to be healthy natural looking makeup so I don't know what I'd have done if I hadn't have won this in a giveaway!

2. Models Own Powder Eyeshadows in Mint Green and Peacock Blue - These are so beautiful as little blasts of colour in a natural look and I think paired with the MUA palette I can make some very pretty but subtle looks for college.

3. Bourjois Kohl & Contour Eyeliners in Blanc et Noir and Brun Design - I'm not a huge fan of black eyeliner on the waterline for everyday looks (on myself, fine on other people) but I really like white or brown to finish off a look, especially in the Autumn.


(Sorry the photo is dark, those pout polishes are really hard to photograph without them looking the same colour!)

1. VIVO Shimmer and Shine Lipgloss in Frosted Pink - I've tried this on top of the two Sleek colours at the bottom and it looks great so I think this will really work to make some of my lipsticks much more wearable for everyday.

2. Sleek Pout Polishes in Electro Peach and Pink Cadillac - These are definately going to be coming to college with me quite a few occasions! They add a great colour to my lips without being over the top (unless you want it to look that way by layering) and are super moisturising.

3. Maybelline ColorSensational in Mauve Diamonds - This is the most beautiful lipstick in the world (pictures definately coming soon!). It's a gorgeous pinky purple with LOTS of sparkle in it and it is seriously flattering. I won't be wearing this as an every day but it is perfect for going out of even just a dull day.

4. Sleek True Colour Lipsticks in Bare All and Pink Freeze - These are both matte lipsticks which are extrememly hard to wear alone, especially the nude shade. I have a bad scar on my lip so these just point out every flaw on that scar! The colours are gorgeous though so I didn't give up and tried them with the Pout Polishes and the VIVO gloss which make them so much more wearable.


1. China Glaze in Liquid Leather - I LOVE this black. You need a few layers of it for it to be blackblack but the shine of it kind of reminds me of spilt cola, that sort of blacky brown? It looks great matte or with nail art on top. Now I've had to cut my nails short for college this is definately going to be a nice look for those Autumn days!

2. Essie Matte About You - I couldn't live without this because it makes any polish even more interesting and works with almost every colour. I don't really like overly shiny polishes so this is my saviour when it comes to colours I love but just don't like wearing because of the shine, which seem to be mostly my Autumn shades.

3. 17 Lasting Fix in Royal Rose -  This polish really makes me think about that "sweet young lady" image of victoran ladies in romantic lace dresses. It is super pretty and is subtle enough to wear every day but still stands out. I think this will definately get some wear during Autumn and if I can get away with wearing polish at college this will win everytime.

4. Models Own in Prussian Blue - This is an absolutely gorgeous deep blue that you can tell is blue. I really struggled to find the perfect deep blue that wasn't nearly black so when I found this I was in heaven. It dries almost matte which is great too and I think it's a great pop of colour without being bright and summery.

5. Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry (very hard to photograph, is less red than this) - This is my all time favourite Autumn/Winter polish and I actually couldn't wait to start wearing it again. It's another deep colour that is true to it's colour and looks gorgeous if I'm wearing dull coloured clothes.

6. Chine Glaze in Happy Go Lucky - Now I know your thinking why on earth is this in my Autumn picks but this is such an amazing bright yellow that it sort of looses it's amazingness in the summer sun and paired with dull coloured clothes it really pops and draws attention to itself.


1. (Very top) Natural & Blue bead cuff bracelet - I bought this at The British Volkswagen Festival last year and I love it to pieces. It adds a nice bit of colour to other brown accessories, it's really comfortable and works nicely with any outfit.

2. (Very left) Art Deco earrings - These are handmade from a shop in Rufford Park, and I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. They're quite heavy so I can't wear them all day but they look stunning with a simple going out outfit and I get loads of comments about them.

3. (Necklace on left) Purple diamond necklace - This is attached to quite a few shortish chains and sits just below my collarbones. It's one of my most complimented necklaces because it's quite stunning in it's own right.

4. (Necklace on right) Penny Farthing necklace - This is from Hannah Makes Things and oh isn't it so pretty? The chain is like a choker but sits around the chest area so it looks lovely with a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit. I'll definately be wearing this a lot because it is so different.

5. (Very right) Wooden Elephant earrings - I love earrings. I love wooden jewellery. I love elephants. Can you see why I love these?

6. (Bottom) Long wooden disc necklace - I haven't worn this necklace in a while but it looks lovely with my paisley clothes and neutral makeup.


  1. I like the idea of a "hopefuls" list. I hear ya about the no money thing. It blows!

  2. Lovely post, love the nail polish colours.
    Lucy xx