Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Models Own Sale Haul

5 Piece Brush Set - £10 £5
2 x 4-Way Buffer (they're sending me the other) - £3 each £1.50 each
Powder Eyeshadows in Mint Green, Rhubarb, Peacock Blue and Deep Mauve - £5 each £2.50 each
Nail Polishes in (L-R) Prussian Blue, Lilac Dream and Feeling Blue - £5 each £2.50 each.

Total - £51.00 £25.50 with free p&p

Didn't do bad hey?!

I'll put up some swatches and NOTD's with these soon.


  1. I'm looking forward to reading what you think about the brushes

  2. I'll start using them next week so as soon as I've got a good idea of what they're like I'll stick a review up :)

  3. if they ever have a sale again.. maybe even if they dont actually i might get soem of their brushes.. they look quite good from the picture! xx

  4. I haven't used them yet but they feel really nice and aren't scratchy at all :)

  5. Those brushes look amazing! So funky, Models Own is brilliant