Monday, 1 August 2011

Tutorial - Tighlining

WARNING: If you get freaked out by eyelids being pulled don't look at this tutorial. Also I have a bad cold so my skin is red and my eyes quite puffy, so sorry about that!

Today's tutorial is about tightlining, which is lining your top waterline with eyeliner to create a fuller lash look. It is really simple and once you get the hang of it you'll be able to do it really quickly.

You can use basically any eyeliner to do this but I prefer to use gel eyeliner as it goes on quite easily and lasts forever!

In particular I use Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner and a Crown Angle Liner brush.

It is usually best to tightline after you have done all your eye makeup, but I sometimes curl my lashes and apply mascara after to stop getting mascara on my lid.

Before tightlining and curling

Step 1

The first step is super simple! Before you start messing around with your eye make sure your eyeliner brush has been dipped into your eyeliner, or make sure you pencil is close by. I dip the top and both sides into my gel eyeliner so I don't have a limited space of eyeliner to work with.

Step 2

This step is really easy as long as you don't poke yourself in the eye! All you need to do is gently pull your lid upwards so you can see your waterline. I do this by pulling my lashes up with one finger but if you only have short lashes you could do this with your actual lid. Be careful!

Step 3

Now, this is the hardest part of tightlining..the actual lining! I keep the pointed end of my angle brush facing the inside corner of my eye. I then follow the shape of my eye and just sweep it across in a sort of semi circle motion keeping as close to your eyelashes as possible. I don't go all the way to each end as it is more likely to run or get onto your skin that way. You can build it up as much as you want to create your desired look.

The finished result!

As you can see the finished look isn't dramatic at all but really helps to make eyelashes look fuller. This is especially a great trick to learn if you line your lid as it'll make your overall look much more complete looking!

Sometimes during tightlining some bits will fall into your eye (as you can see in the lower outside part of my eye!) which can be easily wiped away with a finger.

You can make this look really complete by simply lining your bottom waterline as well!


  1. I just cant tightline my eyes just water soooo bad ends up ruining the rest of my makeup :( x x

  2. I do this sometimes but it tickles like mad

  3. I used to really struggle with it but as soon as I changed my brush I could do it in seconds. The only problem I have no is if I use too much it'll make me cry!