Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Transform Yourself Tuesday Intro & Your Low-Carb Friends and Foes!

I've very very recently decided to change my life for the better and become healthier! I'm not doing this soley to lose weight or to look better, I am doing this to feel better and feel healthier. So, I've decided to go low-carb!

Up until a few days ago I ate carb full starchy foods for pretty much every meal and every snack, every day, so I thought it would be super hard to go low carb, but, my dear readers, it is not as hard as you may think! For anyone out there who might want to change the same way I am but think they can't do it, I've decided to start a new post series called "Transform Yourself Tuesday", where I will post advice, recipes and updates on how I'm doing, for a low carb and varied diet.


Your Low-Carb Friends and Foes

Since all of meals used to consist of high carbs, I've decided to limit myself to under 100grams of carbs every day. Now this limit won't help you lose weight quick as you'll need a limit of around 50grams to do that, but if you just want a low carb and healthy diet then this is a good limit. I've also chosen to not each anything starchy for breakfast, very little amount of starchy food for lunch, whatever I fancy for dinner as long as it is still below 100grams of carbs and no starchy snacks.

So, for anyone panicing and thinking "What will I eat instead then?!", here is a list of your low-carb friends, which will help you stay full during the day if you want to stay starchy food free during the day, and your low-carb foes, which you need to stay away from!


  • Eggs - These are brilliant for breakfast because they can be made up loads of different ways and mixed with lots of different foods and flavours. They're also good for keeping you full and have protein in them.
  • Spinach - Great for adding to quite a few meals, especially with eggs for breakfast or a salad at lunch. Keeps you fuller for longer and has iron in which is very good for you.
  • Different cheese - Adding different cheeses to your meals can add some great flavours. You can have Camembert on crackers, Feta in a fritatta and Red Leicster in a salad.
  • Chicken - Chicken is extrememly vesatile and so easy to use! You can make some super tasty meals using chicken by simply stuffing it with cheese or wrapping it in ham. You can also make a filling no-noodle/no-rice stir fry with chicken, veg and a tasty chinese sauce!
  • Fruit - Now this isn't as obvious as you think! Not only is fruit great for a snack or a desert replacement, it's also great to make super filling and tasty fruit-only smoothies (yummy recipes coming soon!)
  • Crackers - Now, all though crackers are starchy, certain makes are really low in carbs, such as the Ryvita Thins with lots of seeds on. These are great for a lunch if you don't fancy much, and all you have to do is find something super tasty to put on it and you can be really imginative with these.
  • Flavoured spreads - Brilliant for spreading on crackers or on chicken before you cook it. There are some great flavours out there such as cracked black pepper, roast peppers, prawn, ham & cheese, chives!


  • Crisps - A lot of people's lunches include crisps, and as tasty as they might be, they can be high in carbs and aren't really that filling!
  • Biscuits - The evil TV snacking food! Most people snack on food whilst they watch tv at night, but chomping through a packet of buscuits at the end of the day can easily throw you over your limit without you even realising!
  • Breakfast - I know this isn't a food but most people eat very carby things for breakfast, such as cereals, toast, bacon cobs etc. This habit is hard to break but there are so much more filling and healthier options to choose.

Are you going to try a low-carb diet?

Next up on Transform Yourself Tuesday - Breakfast ideas and recipes!


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  2. That's lovely to hear! Keep your eye out for more Transform Yourself Tuesdays because I'll be posting some meal options and tasty smoothie recipes!

  3. Great post :), look forward to reading more.

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  4. Great idea for a series there!