Saturday, 13 August 2011

Swatch Happy Saturdays & Show and Tell Sundays

In less than a month I'll be starting my first year of beauty college and I won't have as much time to blog as I do now, but I would hate to loose my blogging love because it helps me be happy and distracts me from the rubbish parts of my life! So I decided to do 2 days a week (so far!) where I will have to blog and have a theme to the posts.

These will be:
Swatch Happy Saturday

Every Saturday I will post swatches of something from my collection. This could be something new, something old, just one product I own from a company or all the lipsticks/eyeshadows etc I own from a company. You'll be able to find all my swatches by clicking the page at the top of my blog called "The S-Files", where I will list all the links to my swatches (including the ones from before SHS) in categories to make it easy for you all!

Show and Tell Sunday

This is going to be my chance to talk to you about something, anything, I like! This could be anything from what I got in the post that week to some baking I did, or my favourite dress to a website I've found. These won't be long posts but it'll give you all something a little different to read about.

I might end up coming up with more special days to post on and I will still be posting in between, but I hope you enjoy reading these days!

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  1. That's a great idea and it will help you stay on top of things