Saturday, 13 August 2011

Season Series: Winter Part 1 by Sophie



My favourite season is winter, I love the crisp weather, and snuggling up in-side after a cold, and frosty day. Winter always seems a happy time, and everyone seems to make that extra effort, so you get to know who your friends are.

In this season I love to wear long cardigans, scarves and funky jackets. Also uggs boots are a must have in winter. I wear leggings a lot I the winter, also jeans but leggings are my favourite, because when your cold you need to be comfy, well I do

My favourite makeup for this season is very sheer make-up. I like to wear just mascara, and a bit of blusher, and maybe some bronzer to make my face warm up.
I like to wear eye liner on the lower lash, as in winter I like to keep make-up minimal, and warmth maximum!

 I used dove moistureizer, which is great for those chilly days, as it keeps your face moisturized, and soft. I also used Miss sporty XX volume, this is my fave mascara, as it really lenthens your lashes, and over that I use maXfactor false lash effect.

 To see more products, and maybe the odd make-up tutorial check out my blog.


  1. I love your second winter outfit the jacket is lovely! Also love the makeup :) very classy!


  2. yes love the 2nd outfit too!!! lovely post :)