Saturday, 6 August 2011

Season Series Intro & Autumn Part 1

Season Series Intoduction

Today starts the beginning of my first guest post series called "Season Series". Every Saturday and Sunday for the next few weeks there will be a guest post from another lovely blogger telling us about her favourite season and showing us some of the outfits and makeup she loves to wear for that season. This will start with this weekend being all about Autumn and will include a post by me.

Autumn Part 1
Poppy Red Lips

My favourite season by far is Autumn! I love the way that nature changes it's colours and I love going out for the day to enjoy walking through the crispy leaves and see the wildlife more clearly. I think Autumn is a beautiful season and it's when I am happiest!

In Autumn I love to wear skirts or dresses with tights, especially wooly ones, and boots! I also prefer earthy tones to pastel ones so Autumn colours are right up my alley. I love to experiement with different colours in Autumn, especially deeper, more richer colours and I think I feel much more feminine in Autumn than I do any other season.

My Autumn makeup usually consists of darker and richer lip colours and earthy eyeshadows with golds and silvers to light up my eyes. I love to wear dark eyeliner in the Autumn and I usually don't wear any blusher or bronzer so my deep lips are the first thing the eye is drawn to!

Outfit one

This outfit is something I would wear during an Autumn day to go somewhere like shopping or even a stroll around a park. I love dresses like these because you can mix and match with accessories and even just add a jacket for later on in the day!

Dress - Jane Norman
Belt - Primark
Tights - Dorthy Perkins (I think)
Shoes - Matalan

Outfit 2

This is something I would wear in the evening if I was going to a pub for a meal or if it was a colder day. I love my high-waisted black jeans because they make anything I wear look a bit more formal than casual and are great for wearing with any kind of shoes.

Top: GAP
Jeans: Next
Bracelet: Republic

Makeup One

My first makeup look is definately a more night time look. I love this lipstick but don't dare wear it during the day or in the sunnier seasons. For the eyes I used silvery and white shades to bring a bit more focus to the eyes.

Eyeshadow - Collection 2000 Colour Intense Trio - Steel Ice
Lips - Maybelline Colour Sensational - Midnight Plum

Makeup Two

This is a Autumn day time look for me. I adore red lipsticks and after months of searching last year, I found the perfect red. For my day time eyes I used a cream and a gold for a softer look that still complimented the red lipstick.

Eyes - Stila Sparkle (I think) & 17 Ivory Coast
Lips - 17 Lasting Fix in Showcase
       - Rimmel Lasting Finish Liner: Red Dynamite

Look out for Daniela's Autumn post tomorrow!


  1. Love the shoes!!

    I love wearing thick tights and dresses - missing them a tad at the mo.


  2. Thanks :) They're super easy to walk in even though the heel is huge!

  3. Your season feature sounds great - cant wait to read more!
    I have to say Autumn is the best season for fashion! Love the shoes too!

    Good luck with your blog!