Friday, 19 August 2011

My Pretty New Rings

Both these rings cost £1.50 in the jewellery sale at Boots. I love both of these, they're absolutely gorgeous and can't wait to start wearing them to college! These are my first ever fashion rings and I want so much more now, anyone got any recommendations?


  1. Those rings are gorgeous!!! I'm gonna have to go look in boots!
    Lucy xx

  2. They are so pretty! I didn't even know you could get jewellery from boots! You got a real bargain! x

  3. Yep you can! :) I've had some nice earrings from their too. My local Boots has 3 free standing jewellery stands near the makeup section :)

  4. Wow they are very beautiful! :) I really like the 1st and last one :) very deep and full of vibes by their shining colours!

  5. OMG i love rings!! The best place to shop for huge, unique rings is at Bijoux Brigitte! Realllyy nice jewellery there!

    I also have an entry about my ring collect :p Hope you'll check it out?
    Mursal xx

  6. The red ring is gorgeous!! I'm going to have a look tomorrow! I tend to buy all my fashion rings from Primark or ASOS, they're cheap and good quality :)