Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mavala Nail Polish - NOTD, Quick Review and Swatches

*I was sent these polishes as part of a goody bag giveaway that Mavala were doing for people who liked their Facebook page before a certain time on a certain day. This doesn't change my opinion on these at all and I all opinions are still my own!*

 French CanCan, Liberty, La Paz.

Mavala polishes come in a huge range of colours and in every shade you can imagine! The polishes are tiny bottles at 5ml but are the perfect size if you don't get to the bottom of normal size bottles, and great if you like to keep up with trends. They have octagonal tops which are easy to grip and the brushes are a nice size to work with. The cosistency of the polish is great and French CanCan and La Paz are opaque in 2 coats but Liberty, being a nude colour, takes a few more coats. 

  • Great price at £2.99 each on Beauty Bay
  • Amazing range of colours (over 180 in the UK!)
  • Unique sized bottle which is great if you get bored of colours quickly
  • Quick to apply and dry
  • Opaque in just a few coats
  • Not streaky
  • Not too shiny but not dull either
  • Bottles have a mixing ball inside
  • Free from: Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, Paraben, Animal ingredients, heavy metals, Callophane, Camphor.
  • Only available online
  • Some people might find the small lid hard to handle if they're used to OPI but they're just a bit smaller than 17 polishes.
Mavala NOTD

Mavala La Paz


  1. lovely colours! :) Different to be octagon tops!
    Lucy x

  2. The colours are so cute and fresh... makes me feel romantic and dreamy :)

  3. I love Mavala nail polish, I buy them from Fenwick in Newcastle upon Tyne and I first got introduced to the brand by a tutor at college, I actually prefer them to OPI and Jessica.

  4. DaphYin - Makes me feel the same! The colours feel quite traditional even though they're on trend and bright :)

    Madame Gourman - I've never tried OPI colours but I had a Jessica manicure once and these are better! And with the massive colour range you can't grumble! :)

  5. I've never used one of these before! might have to invest in a couple, they look very shiny!

  6. Beautiful colours! La Paz is a gorgeous bright, summery shade and it looks lovely on you.

    Thanks for the heads up on Beauty Bay, I didn't even know they stocked the brand! :)

  7. Beauty Bay is great for these polishes, they have most of the colours and great price too! :)