Tuesday, 2 August 2011

How I clean my brushes.

We all know the importance of cleaning our makeup brushes but we all have our own ways of getting our horrid dirty brushes to sparkling clean, and this is how I do mine.

I use MAC Brush Cleanser to clean all of my brushes. I don't have the product in it's original packaging because the bottle comes with a pouring head rather than a spray top so I bought a spray bottle and use it in that instead.

The spray is 233ml and £8.50 (current price) but lasts forever as you don't need much at all! It is really effective, smells nice and not clinical smelling but not overpowering either, and will clean even the dirtiest eyeliner brushes really quickly.

Step by step of how I clean my brushes

First I get a cotton pad and spray about 3 sprays on it. I like to have enough on that the brushes clean straight away, but not too much that the brushes get soaked.

Then I find a used (or very used in this case) brush..
..and then sweep it across the cotton pad with the cleaner on it. I basically just move it around as if I was painting and keep doing it on both sides until it's clean..

...like this!

You can really see how much it cleans off! This was one eyeliner brush with Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner on it.

After my brushes are clean, I reshape them and leave them to dry. Within 5-10 minutes (depending how much cleaner I put on) they are ready to use!


  1. Oooh i really want to try this product, i knew it was good but i didn't realise it was this good :) xx

  2. It's amazing! I was so wary when I first because of the cost but it lasts for ever and I haven't found a product yet it won't clean off!

  3. I've never tried the mac brush cleanser, but I may have to now! I usually just use baby shampoo

  4. It's really worth getting, my brushes feel lovely too :) I'm going to put a video up tomorrow showing it in action!