Friday, 19 August 2011

Healthier nails: What I've been doing

Ever since I started my first job in April 2010, I've not had the most nail friendly jobs! I worked in a McDonalds which meant I had to keep my nails short, then I worked in a warehouse which meant I was constantly snapping them on boxes, and finally I worked in a Wetherspoon's pub where I was always spilling alcohol on my nails which turns out makes them brittle and all peely at the ends! Well, now that I don't have a job anymore (unfortuantly!) I can finally start fixing my nails!

I bought these from QVC as a duo for a bit more than the price of one I think. I always use the Original one as a base coat and the Matte one is great for when I don't really want a polish on and clear polish is just too shiny! These didn't help my peeling ends at all but really made the rest of my nails feel stronger.

This is my Leighton Denny small crystal nail file which I got from Boots. You don't use this like a normal emery board because you can file both ways! It helps seal the ends of your nails and it has really helped mine from splitting right a the very end. This also has a life time garuntee incase it stops working, and all you do to "refresh" it and get the scratches off is run it under warm water.

I recieved the Mavala Nailactan (top) in a goody bag that Mavala were giving away to anyone who liked their facebook page before a certain time on a certain day. It's a rich cream that you put on before you go to bed, using the little spatula that comes with it. You just rub it into the whole of your nails and the cuticles and go to sleep! It's made my nails feel lovely and they look so much healthier.

I was sent the Mavala Scientifique pen as part of Mavala's nail clinic, where you tell them what your nail problem is and they send you a product of theirs that will help. You have to put cuticle oil around your nails before you use this (which I haven't, but really should!) because it has Formaldehyde in it, which also limits you to using this once or twice a week. It's a bit like a felt tip pen and all you do is draw it on the tips of your nails only, leave for a few minutes then put a base coat over the top. This has been the number 1 help for my nails! They don't split at all now and if they do break from catching them on something it is a clean break and not all ripped to pieces like it used to be.

 This is my most recent nail buy (well my Mum bought it me so it's her most recent buy!) and it's Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover. You simply squeeze it around your cuticles, leave for a few minutes, push them back with a hoof stick and soak your nails in warm water. This is a brilliant product and even though my cuticles weren't bad, the ones around the side of my nails bugged me as nail varnish wouldn't come off them, but this has completely got rid of all my cuticles!

Have you got any healthier nail tips? Any of these now catch your eye?


  1. I love having long natural nails, mine just grew, i was on holiday, having about 12 lots of fruit and veg a day and they grew ever since. So no tips, tbh i think it's just luck if they grow. None of the grow crap that's around has worked for friends, families.
    Lucy xx

  2. Mine grow quite quickly anyway, they just had a huge problem of peeling to pieces or just being too weak :( Glad all these worked on me though!