Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Denman 100% Boar Bristle Brush Review

After lusting after this brush for months I finally took the plunge and bought it about a month ago. I definately don't regret it one bit! Denman brushes are more expensive brushes that you may be used to buying but they will last for years and are amazing to use.

Alot of brushes I use leave lines in my hair, which I absolutely hate, so I decided to go for a grooming brush with the hope that it'll help put my hair where I want it and look nice!

I went for the 100% boar bristle brush which is very strong and makes my hair feel wonderful. My hair is very thick so sometimes if I want to brush it all back or maybe move my parting for the day, it tends to not like it and fall all over the place, but with this brush, a few sweeps to where I want it and it stays! It also makes my hair feel softer and barely pulls any hairs out, even though I struggle with tonnes of my hair falling out everyday!

The only con I find with this brush is that it can be hard to clean and will take a bit longer to get through big knots in your hair, like when it's really windy or you've got serious bed hair.

If you like to take care of your hair or like me, you struggle with your hair doing what you want it to do, I would definately recommend this brush. Denman also do other boar bristle brushes so if you don't fancy a grooming brush you could look out for the others, and if you don't fancy boar bristle at all they also do other bristle types that cost less.

You can find some Denman brushes in Boots but not many, but you can order from Denman's website, where they have all the brushes available and in different sizes as well.

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