Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Stash Series #4: Brushes

 Stash Series #4: Brushes

All of my brushes are from Crown Brush and I bought them as the Deluxe Studio Set in early January.

Eye Makeup Brushes

(L-R) C155 Brow/Lash Groomer, C115 Pro Spoolie, C124 Firm Shadow, C138 Round Contour, C135 Oval Shadow, C148 Mini Contour, C250-0 Mini Liner, C160-1/8" Angle Liner.

Closeup of (L-R) C138, C124 and C135

Face Makeup Brushes

(L-R) C170-6 Oval Taklon, C104 Angle Blush, C106 Unique Pointed Dome, C108 Flat Bronzer, C113 Taklon Square/Square Camouflage, C707-3/4" Oval Foundation.

Closeup of C106, C104 and C108

I completely forgot to clean my brushes before taking the photos, sorry! Also, I use cheapish foundation sponges for my foundation because the foundation is so lightweight the foundation brushe leaves lines!

I use the closeup brushes the most and would 100% recommend this brand and this set for beginners who want to develop their skills a bit more!

There will be a review of the brand and brushes soon!


  1. They look great. I will definitely check them out!

  2. You should! They have some great sets and a huge range of brushes. These are all from the Studio range but there are different types at different prices :)