Sunday, 24 July 2011

July Loves

I've bought so many new beautiful makeup pieces this month that choosing just a few I love was really hard!

1. Essie Matte About You. I've had this about 2 months but I think it is definately my most reached for polish because it is perfect for turning any polish into a more everyday look.
2. Barry M Nail Paint in Mint Green. I've only used this once but it is now one of my favourite polishes. It's quite a soft green which I think is perfect for harsh Summer light and it isn't too shiny which is one reason why I love it so much; I don't really like overly shiny polishes!

3. Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lipglosses in Fairy Cake and Cotton Candy. I absolutely adore these and I really hope they bring out some more colours. They apply so softly, feel like velvet and are perfect for a more natural Summer look.

(No Flash)
4. Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad in Smokey Purple. I definately overuse this quad but the colours are perfect for a quick simple eyeshadow look and I use this most before work or if I'm just nipping out.

5. Sleek Blush in Rose Gold. This is the most beautiful blush in the entire world! It's a gorgeous pink with gold bits in it, and can be used for a bright glamourous cheek or a every day shimmer. I use this all the time and love it to pieces!

I wonder if any of these will make my August Loves!


  1. that sleek blush looks gorgeous! I can see why you really like it!

  2. It's amazing! If anywhere sells Sleek near you definately check it out, it's beautiful when it's on!

  3. I've heard so many good reviews about the lip creams, they look amaziiiing xxx

  4. They are! The pink one especially looks so natural and beautiful :)

  5. great post :) defo agree on the cream puffs! I have the coral & brown one which i wear everyday! I am posting my july favourites tmrw! x

  6. Sleek Rose Gold is my favourite blush in the world! It's just gorgeous. I like the look of the Cream Puffs, too - I've heard they smell amazing! xx

  7. Kia - The brown one is lovley, especially for Autumn I think :)

    Hannah - It's mine too! The colours in it are just so lovely when it catches the light.

  8. Those cream puff lipglosses just look so cute! I love getting new lip colours its amazing what a simple swab can do to transform a look :)

    Really cute blog - following you now :)


  9. MUST HAVE THAT BLUSH! It looks stunning!x

  10. Get it! It's definately not one to hum and ahh over since it's so beautiful!