Friday, 29 July 2011

I'm Searching For..

The next few months I will be extremely poor so instead of a doing an August wishlist I've decided to do a post on what I'm looking for. These will all be products or colours that I really want but can't seem to find so if you know of any or can recommend something please comment!

1.  A natural coloured cream eyeshadow

I really want a skin tone/cream coloured cream eyeshadow with just a bit of glow to put on when I'm being lazy or to brighten up my eyes. I don't want to really order online because I like to look at colours up close and I'd really like it to be less than £5!

2. A matte plum eyeshadow

I'm looking for one that isn't too dark that you can't tell it's plum but also not too light that it's obvious I'm wearing it. I want this to wear with browns and creams, in the highstreet and under £5.

3. Something for my large pores

Even though I take good care of skin my pores around my nose and cheeks have been getting bigger and bigger over the last year! I'm not looking for something to put under makeup because I love my foundation and primer, I would maybe like a skin care product I can put on every day to help reduce them.

4. Something for my sometimes sore lip scar

I had stitches on the inside and outside of my bottom lip when I was 3. The scar has healed nicely but sometimes the skin over the scar wears away and I end up with super sore and red lips! I use vaseline alot which helps with the rest of my lips but not that part.

If you know of ANY product that could help me with these 4 things please tell me!!


  1. I´d recommend either Palmer´s Cocoa Butter Formula (Dark chocolate and mint flavour-yums!:)) Lip Butter. It´s amazing. Or any lip balm with chea butter or aloe vera.

    As for the pores, my husband´s got problems with it as well and he´s been using Clean and Clear acne cleaners. Also, make sure you exfoliate a couple of times per week.

    Oh and I´ve got an amazing nude coloured eye shadow with a slight spark in it but it´s a part of a no-name palette and I unfortunately don´t know how to get hold of it:( I´ll try to do a bit more research and if I happen to find it somewhere online, I´ll let you know.

    Hope this helps x

  2. That helped loads! Thanks :) I'll definately have a look into all of these!

  3. I meant shea butter, obviously:) typoooooo:) but yeah, have a look if you can get your hands on some of them.

    as for the eye shadows, I was thinking, if you can´t get hold of one that you´d like, have a look here

    They´ve got a really wide palette of shades and I´ve been using their products for ages and have been pretty content with them. They definitely are value for price as for example the eye shadows are priced at about £2. If you found a shade you´d like but couldn´t get it in the UK (I think Essence might not be available outside Central Europe), I could get it for you and send it over to you. It´d still be under a fiver I´m sure. Providing you´d trust my judgement though:)

  4. I think I might have found some mousse ones that look good, but we'll see if they swatch nice! :)

  5. I'd definitely recommend MUA's line of eyeshadows from Superdrug - they're super pigmented and surprisingly good quality for £1 each :)

    Sara xx

  6. Thanks :) I've had a look before but my local superdrugs are rubbish at keeping the MUA stand tidy and stocked :(